Analyst won’t let son get Ja Morant sneakers


Photo: Peter Baba

ESPN’s Michael Wilbon says his son is not allowed to buy Ja Morant’s new signature Nike shoe after another video emerged of the Memphis Grizzlies star holding what appeared to be a gun in a car.

“This is up to Ja. This is up to him,” Wilbon said. “He’s old enough now – he’s not the normal 23, 24-year-old. He’s not. … There are people who could be around him who are gonna have to help lead him out of this. We hear about four or five days, or eight days or whatever at some facility in Florida, that’s a joke. That’s PR. And so you could try to PR your way out of this through other social media forms and all of that. But the question is, is he gonna do the work that is required of himself to get out of this and for this not to be the end?

“Because what’s gonna happen now? Nike gonna pull that shoe? Is Powerade gonna pull that drink? I know in my house, I told Matthew, ‘You can’t have the shoe. I’m not buying that shoe. You’re not buying that shoe. Our money as a family is not going toward that.’ And so I’m not the only one who’s gonna feel that way.”

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