After Ja Morant’s incident, the Grizzlies management are taking new preventive measures to reduce player’s bad habits – Basketball Insiders


All the polemic surrounding Ja Morant’s gun incident has given the Memphis management no choice but to take some tough calls. The latest reports indicate that the administration is applying new preventive measures to reduce their athlete’s from falling into bad habits. 

Nowadays, basketball players are given too much attention. Some of them get involved in politics, others partake in social issues, and the rest simply can get off of the media as they are constantly talking about everything that comes into mind. At the end of the day, they are paid millions of dollars just to be professional athletes, and not celebrities as some of them want to believe.

After many strong campaigns in the NBA, the Tennessee franchise have continued to ascend into becoming one of the best teams in the league, currently considered title-contenders to this 2022/23 season. And it’s been mainly because their players have stuck to the idea of playing basketball as a team, and not be distracted by all the attention outside the court.

Nowadays, Memphis are living an off-court controversy that’s kept them in the news headlines everyday. Ja Morant is not only their most valuable player, but he’s also an All-Star athlete, and as such he must behave in representation of his squad, the NBA, and of course, as a positive influence over society.

And let me tell ya’, the Grizzlies management doesn’t want to be involved in these types of situations ever again, as they are taking the matter serious enough to change the rules inside the locker room.

“There have even been travel measures taken to curtail nightlife habits this season, with the Grizzlies leaving more road cities (especially the glitzier ones, like Miami) immediately after the game instead of staying overnight. Additional accountability measures may follow,” The Athletic’s Vardon and Amick wrote.

Considering Memphis possess one of the youngest rosters in the NBA, it will be quite a challenge for the team’s administration to hold their players accountable for their actions without disrespecting their privacy. However, most of these measures aren’t too invasive, as for now they are simply avoiding to stay overnight after road matches.

Teammates and other NBA players attribute Morant’s situation to maturity

Lots of athletes in the country have been outspoken about the 23-year-old’s reality, but those around him in Memphis’ locker room say that maturity, not guns, are the problem. “Everybody makes mistakes growing up in front of the camera.”

Other NBA players like Pat Beverley concur, blaming society as a poor influence on the younger generations. “I think music has a lot to do with it. You know, especially with this culture. Everyone holding a gun in the video is okay,” he said. “It’s just a product of what we listen to. The culture now is ‘shoot them up, bang, bang.”

Check out what Morant had to say for himself in his first interview since the incident:

The point guard should be eligible to return to action on March 20, as his eight-match ban from the NBA started to restrict his game time since March 5.

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