Adam Silver: Expansion Franchise in Mexico City ‘Makes Sense’


For the first time since 2019, the NBA hosted a regular season game in Mexico City. The Miami Heat took on the San Antonio Spurs on Dec. 16, resulting in the Heat winning a 111-101 contest. This marked the 12th time the League hosted a regular season game in Mexico City and the first time they had done so since COVID-19 first appeared on the scene.

Mexico City continues to establish itself as a lasting venue for the NBA to host games. In fact, the G League has made it a home for one of their franchises, the Mexico City Capitanes. Before tip-off between the Spurs and the Heat, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver expressed how, at this rate, Mexico City may prove to be a place that can one day have its own NBA team.

“Mexico City (is) doing all the things necessary to demonstrate to the league that, ultimately, we may be in a position to house an NBA team here,” Silver said, per Forbes. “When you look at the success we’ve had in Canada to the north, beginning in the early ’90s, it makes sense to me that we would expand to the south, as well.”

According to Forbes: “Mexico is already the fifth biggest market for the NBA League Pass on-demand streaming service.” In addition, “Mexico is also the fourth biggest market for the NBA’s online merchandise store.” It shouldn’t come as a surprise if the NBA decides to expand to Mexico City.

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