Adam Silver addresses superstars trade requests: ‘Don’t like them’


Just as the NBA announced their newest rules concerning load management, the press took advantage of Commissioner Adam Silver’s presence to talk about a number of topics which he hadn’t addressed in recent months. One of the most controversial matters is the one involving superstars requesting transfers away from their clubs.

This summer Damian Lillard and James Harden requested to be transfered out of their teams and have fueled the need for the league to regulate these types of situations. Even though both of them made this decision over two months ago, their desires are yet to be resolved and have only created polemic within their own fans and front offices.

In response to these situations, Silver shared his displeasure over the player’s request and moreover, the pressure they’ve placed over their squad’s administration. For now, his only desire is that this won’t feed more innecessary trade discourse and that all parties find a positive resolution.

“In terms of trade demands, of course don’t like them,” he gave a blunt answer. “As a league, we want players and teams to honor their contracts. I’m watching both the situation in Portland and Philadelphia, and hope they get worked out to the satisfaction of everyone before the season starts. I’m glad that things seem to have settled down somewhat, at least in terms of public discourse.”

Former player JJ Redick also addressed these trade requests with a new, interesting perspective over the Sixers star’s current situation.

“I do think with Harden, and this is not a knock on Harden at all, I do think the trade market right now is not… So much of the NBA is timing,” he said on his own podcast this week“The timing of when you hit free agency, which teams have cap space, so free agency is very similar in my opinion to the trade market. You don’t know if you’re a player going into free agency, if you will have a robust free agency market.”

These kinds of requests are trickier than you might think, as it is not always in the team’s possibilities or convenience to trade out their stars, especially considering that they have to negotiate a deal that suits sending off a player of this stature.

Silver also explained the newest load management rules, as he reveals there is no data suggesting players increase probability of falling to injuries

The NBA Commissioner talked long and hard about the reasons behind the recent change in the league’s Board of Governors concerning load management.

“The player participation policy is part of many steps we’ve taken,” Silver explained. “The player’s association was very much part of it. We had extensive discussions with them, and then individual groups of players, particularly veterans in the league. I do worry on infringing on how a team operates… Change will probably happen here incrementally.”

He assures that having the team’s stars playing the amount of games expected won’t add to the possibility of them falling to injuries.

“We don’t see any statistical data suggesting players increase their likelihood of getting injured as they go further along in the season. Or even in back-to-backs, which may surprise people,” Silver assured. “Part of the commitment here, from the league office, is we are putting together a group of team doctors and scientists and others to try and better understand everything.”

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