42-Year-Old NBA Veteran Got More Than $215 Million Earning Stephen Curry and $200 Million Worth Kevin Durant Combined Since 2017: Here’s How


NBA superstars, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are two of the best players in the league. Curry had just helped the Golden State Warriors to win their fourth NBA ring in 8 years. He also won the elusive Finals MVP award for the time in the process. Durant, on the other hand, did not have the best of playoffs for the Brooklyn Nets. However, he averaged close to 30 points per game throughout the regular season. So unsurprisingly, Durant and Curry are two of the best-paid athletes in the league.

However, they are not the highest paid in terms of money made per minute played in the last 5 years. In fact, Curry is only ranked #4 and Durant a lowly #10 on the list. The #1 on the list is a huge surprise. It is none other than Miami Heat veteran, Udonis Haslem. As per reports, Haslem is the highest-paid active player per minute in the last five seasons.


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UD is one of the longest-serving players in the NBA. He has won 3 NBA titles with the Heat. Haslem has been playing for the Heat since the 2003-04 season.

Udonis Haslem earns more than Stephen Curry does per minute

At 42, Haslem has completed 19 long seasons in the NBA and will enter into his 20th season. Recently, UD has agreed to re-sign with the Heat on a one-year, veteran minimum deal. His longevity has made him the biggest per-minute earner among active players. As per reports, he earns a whopping $45,267 per minute played. That is almost double the amount Stephen Curry earns at the 4th spot on the list.

He has played a total of 42 games in the last 5 seasons. And is not exactly in the rotation for the Heat. Because of the less amount of minutes he has played, it has made him the highest earner per minute in the league. John Wall came in second, who missed the whole of last season.

The fans have questioned and even mocked the Heat’s decision of continuously re-signing the 3-time champion. However, the veteran offers much more than game time and points. The Heat front office and coach Erik Spoelstra believe in the leadership he provides to the team.


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Similar questions were asked when he signed an extension worth $2.6 million last year. To that, coach Spoelstra said that he helps develop leaders in the locker room and cultivate culture. He also added that Haslem’s ejection in the previous season was his favorite moment of the season. Because it made a lasting impact on young players.

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Haslem played college basketball for the Florida Gators for 4 years. He then declared for the 2002 NBA draft. But to his dismay, he went undrafted. So he played overseas basketball for Élan Sportif Chalonnais in France for a year. With his performances in France, Haslem captured some eyes and got signed for the Miami Heat.

In his early years, Haslem started almost every game and averaged over 10 points per game. He was also a huge part of the title-winning teams. Now, he is there to mentor the next generation of players.

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