13 Must-Have Sports Memorabilia for Ultimate Basketball Fans (2023)


For basketball fans, owning treasured memorabilia items of your favorite athletes is a dream come true. Whether it’s sports cards, basketballs, signed photos, or jerseys, possessing any of these items will stand out in a memorabilia collection. These collectibles are unique treasures that showcase a fan’s love and admiration for the game and its athletes. Hence, getting the opportunity to own one of these items is a true, once-in-a-life experience for many. If you’re an avid basketball fan looking to get your hands on valuable basketball memorabilia, here’s your chance to own some of the best memorabilia from this list of unique treasures that are a must-have for your collection.

1. Shaquille O’Neal Jersey

Every basketball fan will be well-liked by the legendary sportsman Shaquille O’Neal. His partnership with Kobe Bryant led their team to two consecutive championship wins. Since then, his number 34 jersey has become one of the most significant memorabilia in the NBA world. For lucky sports fans, it is possible to get their hands on a signed O’Neal jersey that they can get framed and hang up in their home or studio.

2. Dario Saric Autographed Basketball

Saric is among the most talented athletes drafted from the Ero-League in 2016. The 76ers player’s abilities have led to the creation of NBA basketball memorabilia signed by Saric that basketball enthusiasts can get their hands on.

3. Charles Barkley Autographed Basketball

Barkley is one of the supreme athletes once a part of the 76ers team. Basketball fans can now get their hands on a silver-signed basketball from Barkley to add to their memorabilia collection. After all, wouldn’t you want to own a unique piece of an athlete responsible for making the NBA All-Star team for 11 consecutive seasons?

4. Signed Allen Iverson Framed Photo

Allen Iverson can be considered a legend almost at the same level as Michael Jordan. He was also named the MVP of 2001, becoming one of the Marquee names in his basketball league. Fans can get their hands on an autographed photo by Iverson to add to their memorabilia collection and treasure a piece of the basketball legend.

5. Julius Erving Jersey

This one is for old-school basketball enthusiasts. Erving is the only basketball athlete who has won the MVP in both leagues – the New York Nets and the 76ers. Fans can get their hands on his retired number 6 jersey from the New York Nets and the 76ers as prized memorabilia for their collection.

6. Kevin Durant Signature Collection Photo

Durant was responsible for taking the Warriors team to the final win in 2017 after his draft in 2016. Ever since then, he has become one of the most anticipated athletes in the basketball world. Fans can celebrate these moments by holding a framed photo with a laser-engraved replica signature.

7. LeBron James’ Unsigned Photo

One of the legendary basketball athletes of the present time and is also deemed to be one of the greatest since Michael Jordan. Fans of the legendary athlete can get their hands on a framed or unframed photo of LeBron James lifting his third NBA championship. This has been a highly sentimental item for different sports memorabilia auctions.

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

8. Steph Curry Signature Collection Photo

One of the most marketable players in the NBA, Curry is responsible for the Golden State Warriors’ three consecutive titles in 2015 and 2017. For dedicated memorabilia, fans can get their hands on a particular signed photograph to add to their memorabilia collection.

9. Chicago Bulls Stadium Photo

It is one of the most iconic basketball venues and the home to one of the best NBA teams. Fans who have gotten the chance to visit the venue can also get a memorabilia photo of a panoramic view of the stadium and add it to their collection.

10. Magic Johnson Autographed Basketball

Johnson was a five-time NBA champion for the LA Lakers and earned the title of “Magic” Johnson for his skills as an athlete. Fans of the legend can own an authenticated autographed basketball to display upfront with their memorabilia collection.

11. Julius Erving’s Championship Ring

Before the ABA merged with the NBA, Erving won 2 championships when playing for their team. It is one of the most valuable basketball memorabilia and was previously sold by the athlete. However, fans may come across prized replicas of the ring at a sports auction and get a chance to add it to their collectibles.

12. Michael Jordan Trading Card

He is one of the absolute legends of the NBA, and no doubt fans would love to own memorabilia dedicated to the athlete. The Michael Jordan trading card is an excellent way to own a piece of treasure in your sports memorabilia collection.

13. Luca Doncic Trading Card

He is one of the present legends of the basketball world, and it will be a fan’s dream to own a memorabilia item dedicated to the athlete. Getting your hands on Doncic trading cards is an excellent way to own dedicated memorabilia in your collection.


For basketball enthusiasts, there is no doubt that owning a memorabilia item dedicated to their favorite athletes is a cherished dream. Hence, by participating in online or offline auctions, fans can get their hands on some unique treasures for their memorabilia collection. And if you see yourself as an avid basketball fan, you can check out this list to learn about the next collectible you consider adding to your collection.

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